Malta Today: Inked in history

Malta Today: Inked in history . “Rel-Ink promises to explore tattoos and their significance in the day to day life of elderly Maltese males, aged 75 and over, who worked as labourers, seafarers and the like, at a time when the maritime sector was the mainstay in Malta’s colonial economy – which means, from the 1900s all the way up to the Second World War. It will feature in-depth personal oral history accounts, straight from the mouths of tattooed participants as well as documentation and images of their tattoo designs, with the main motivation being to cast a light on Maltese tattoo artists and their handiwork…. But that’s not all! The project aims to build a digital archive, which will be made available as an open-source platform via partner the Department of Library Information and Archives Study at the University of Malta, ensuring that all information will be made available online, for all to see and admire.”