CEPA: What To Expect When You’re Expecting Bots

CEPA: What To Expect When You’re Expecting Bots. “Late last week, NATO’s Strategic Center of Excellence in Latvia released an illuminating report on ‘robotrolling.’ The findings are worth considering. Its authors report that two of every three Twitter users writing in the Russian language about NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe are ‘bot’ or robotic accounts. (Robotic trolling or ‘robotrolling’ is the coordinated use of fake accounts on social media). The high number is partially explained by the fact that Russian-language bots mostly repost traditional pro-Kremlin media content that is controlled by the state. ‘By implication, even automatically generated Russian news-spam echoes state-sanctioned content,’ said the report, which surveyed 32,000 tweets mentioning NATO and at least one of the following countries—Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland—between 1 March and 30 August 2017.”