Spotted on Reddit: Archivarix

My IFTTT-based Reddit-monitoring tool spotted this. Unfortunately I don’t know how recent it is, but it’s interesting: an online tool called Archivarix. It’s designed for downloading Web sites from the Wayback Machine; the first 200 files are free, additional files are $5 per thousand, or a half-cent per file. From the tutorial page: “Archivarix provides complete restructuring and arrangement of the content of websites that are publicly shared in the Internet Archive. Archivarix proceeds and arranges data in such a way that all the addresses of web pages become available at previous addresses, including also the dynamic ones. The pages code can be fully processed to be brought into full conformity with all applicable standards; all missing or unclosed tags will be fixed. All counters, trackers, suspicious third-party frames and advertisements are cleaned out; CSS styles and JavaScripts are compressed if needed. Images are optimized and reduced in size without loss of quality, backlinks are cleared, 404 errors are repaired through substituting the necessary files. All this and more you can get in a single ZIP file, the content of which is adaptable to most stringent hosting requirements.”