Inoreader Web Tool Offering Black Friday Special

Back in June I wrote an article about Inoreader, and how useful it is for following Facebook Pages. While using Inoreader this morning, I saw that it is offering a Black Friday Deal: buy a year of Inoreader and get six months free. The “Professional” level, which I use, is $49.99 a year and includes 100 Facebook Pages (which is a big upgrade from when I wrote the article in June), Google+ feeds, Twitter feeds, IFTTT integration, and more. Inoreader isn’t paying me one dime for this. They do not know I am doing this. I am receiving no remuneration of any sort for this mention. I just happen to think Inoreader is an excellent tool – one that has reached the rare heights of my “daily use” toolbox – and I want you to know about it too.

I checked on viewing the Black Friday sale page while not logged into Inoreader and it prompted me to log in, so I took a screen shot of the specials and the different levels of accounts offered.


Inoreader Black Friday Specials