Libraries and Archives Canada Puts Up Snowshoe Image Collection on Flickr

Now this is what I call a specific collection. Libraries and Archives Canada has put up a collection of snowshoe images on Flickr. That’s photos, paintings, etc. It’s less than 100 pictures but how many images of snowshoes do YOU have? From the blog post: “Traditional snowshoes are made with wooden frames and leather strips for webbing and boot bindings. Modern equivalents use metal or synthetic materials, but follow similar design characteristics to their predecessors. Early snowshoe design in North America spans the continent where regular snowfall occurs. The shapes and sizes vary dependent on the location. Snowshoes are available in round, triangular, and oval shapes, or can be very long. Each design addresses different types of snow, whether powdery, wet or icy. First Nations and Inuit communities are known for their design and use of snowshoes.”

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