New York Times: Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter

New York Times: Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter. “Like many Jewish journalists who reported on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, I spent the 2016 election being harassed by a motley crew of internet racists who coalesced around the future president. They sent me threats, photoshopped me into gas chambers and hurled an uncreative array of anti-Semitic slurs my way. A study by the Anti-Defamation League found that I’d received the second-most abuse of any Jewish journalist on Twitter during the campaign cycle. My parents didn’t raise me to be No. 2; fortunately, there’s always 2020. As a result, I’ve become something of an unintentional expert on alt-right trolls and their tactics…. And so last November, in the wake Trump’s victory, I decided to turn the tables on them. My target? Impersonator trolls.”