The Verge: The year we wanted the internet to be smaller

The Verge: The year we wanted the internet to be smaller. “Americans got tired of big social media in 2017. Or at least, we stopped wanting to look at it, and we stopped pretending to like it. This feels true to me as someone who uses the internet every day, but I also know it’s true because when The Verge partnered with Reticle Research to conduct a representative survey of Americans’ attitudes towards tech’s biggest power players, 15.4 percent of Facebook users said they ‘greatly’ or ‘somewhat’ disliked using the product, while 17 percent of Twitter users said the same. That made them the most disliked of the six companies in question, which also included Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. More than 10 percent of respondents described Facebook’s effect on society as ‘very negative,’ and 10.5 percent said the same about Twitter — in both cases a higher number than the other four companies combined.”