Arktimes: Abandoned Arkansas’s Ginger Beck wades into the ruins

This is new-to-me and when I went to look at it I saw it hadn’t been updated in a couple of years. I was going to skip it, but most entries I looked at had extensive articles about the properties, as well as lots and lots and LOTS of photography. It’s a beautiful, nostalgic rabbit hole. I couldn’t do you the disservice of passing it over. From Arktimes: Abandoned Arkansas’s Ginger Beck wades into the ruins . “Inside the former Conway Roller Rink, a white roller skate is flopped over in front of a felt marquee board that reads “SOCKS MUST BE WORN” and “ASK ABOUT PRIVATE PARTIES” in tiny plastic letters…. We know all this because of Michael Schwarz, Eddy Sisson, James Kirkendall and Ginger Beck, the team behind Abandoned Arkansas. Together, the four volunteers identify abandoned locations, obtain permission to enter them and photograph what’s inside. They’ve been at it since 2012. We talked with Ginger Beck, Abandoned Arkansas’s new social media and communications director, about the process of exploring places that highways, urban development and economic upheaval have pushed into the margins.”