Kansas State Library: Kansas State Council of Defense Circulars, 1917-1918

Kansas State Library: Kansas State Council of Defense Circulars, 1917-1918. “100 years ago the United States was embroiled in a world war with thousands of troops overseas. On the home front people pitched in as they could, conserving food consumption, working harder to increase crop production for the troops and keeping up the spirits of neighbors, children and themselves. In Kansas Governor Arthur Capper formed the Kansas Council of Defense, akin to the Council of National Defense. The Council’s mission was to mobilize all the resources of the state for the support of the war. Circulars were published and distributed giving guidance to local officials, schools, farmers and the general public on varied topics that would contribute to the war effort.” Small but interesting collection, and I’m including it here because I don’t see a lot of “war effort” materials for WWI. Tons for WWII, of course, but not so much WWI.