Hands-On: Flitter for iOS is the Twitter App You Deserve (Matridox)

Matridox: Hands-On: Flitter for iOS is the Twitter App You Deserve. “It seems every few weeks, there’s some sort of new social media app or client that tries to shake things up. Twitter, for instance, as seen its own fair share of clients over the past few years for both iOS and Android. They seem to arrive a dime a dozen while not exactly packing features that would grab a user’s attention. But then I heard about Flitter. If you haven’t, it’s a new Twitter client by Shihab Mehboob that aims to provide a killer user experience while packing all the necessary features you’d want from a paid app. When it went up for preorder, the sample screenshots of the app really caught my eye. I was given a code to download the app in advance and have been using it this past week as my main Twitter client. In short, it’s the Twitter app you deserve.”