AltGov2: FBI Wants to Destroy 9,000+ RICO Files

AltGov2: FBI Wants to Destroy 9,000+ RICO Files. “The FBI wants to pulp small files about its RICO investigations from 1970-1991. Larger files (those containing more than one section or 30+ registered documents) will be kept permanently. However, files with only one section and less than 30 registered documents will be destroyed 25 years after the case has been closed. Since these cases date from 27 to 48 years ago, the files would be eligible for destruction as soon as FBI’s proposal gets final approval. The National Archives (NARA) estimates that under this proposal, 29% of the RICO files from that period would be kept permanently. Thus, 71% would be destroyed. Out of a total of 12,971 files, that means around 9,210 will go into the shredder. These documents have not been scanned, so they don’t exist in digital form. Once they’re pulped, they’re gone.”