CNET: No, the FCC won’t charge you $225 to complain about robocalls

CNET: No, the FCC won’t charge you $225 to complain about robocalls. “The Federal Communications Chairman says it will not charge consumers $225 to hear their complaints about their phone providers. During the commission’s monthly meeting Thursday, Chairman Ajit Pai tried to clear up what he says is a misunderstanding over changes to the agency’s complaint process. The agency voted 3-1 to finalize a proposal that will “streamline and consolidate” rules for lodging complaints against phone companies. The revised rules consolidate rules that had been adopted over the past several decades and apply common deadlines for answering formal complaints and apply a shot clock to complaints about pole attachments.” I am including this for completion but I also feel I must add this disclaimer: I believe nothing the FCC says. If it announced that humans usually have two eyes I would go to a mirror and check.