Smithsonian Looking for Crowdsourcing Assistance for Chinese Coin Transcription

The Smithsonian is looking for crowdsourcing assistance in transcribing some Chinese coins. From the project page: “During 2017-2018, the NNC [National Numismatic Collection] digitized more than 8,000 of its East Asian Coins, making them publically accessible and available for research worldwide. The NNC is now working to digitize 6,000 Chinese notes and paper transactional objects that range from the Ming Dynasty to the present day. One of the main challenges to the digitization process is transcription, transliteration and translation of several Asian alphabets. Sometimes this can be done quickly, but often the process is too lengthy for NNC team members to complete while moving the project forward efficiently. In order to continue to share these objects rapidly, we need your help! The 50 coins here are a pilot project that will help our team (and you!) figure out how best to make these objects available and more easily searchable online.”

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