Geeks in Cambodia: Finding The Value In Facebook Page “Likes”

Geeks in Cambodia: Finding The Value In Facebook Page “Likes” . “Facebook’s dominance of digital marketing is truly impressive. Since its launch in 2004, the social media platform has grown to dictate how people across the world use the internet; in countries like Cambodia, where Facebook is the internet for many people, almost half of the population use Facebook on a daily basis for news, entertainment and communication. Little wonder then that marketers and brands have piled on to the platform to attract new customers and increase sales. Yet does marketing to Facebook, and chasing page ‘likes’ make sense for a brand or startup to grow your sales or spread your message? Geeks in Cambodia decided to take a look into the role that Facebook plays for its some 7 million active users in Cambodia, and how to best utilise the influential platform to boost digital marketing efforts.”