CNET: How Reddit helped me tackle my biggest insecurity

CNET: How Reddit helped me tackle my biggest insecurity. “Like many preteens going through puberty, I had acne. And like many preteens suffering from the problem, I was mortified by it. Starting when I was 12, each new blistering breakout made me anxious to go outside (let alone attend school), talk to my classmates and meet new people. While my skin cleared up a bit once I emerged from the universally awkward hell known as adolescence, I still have leftover facial scarring and intermittent breakouts that make me apprehensive to appear in photos or CNET videos without makeup. But recently, I’ve begun to embrace this lingering insecurity. And surprisingly, it all stems from Reddit, a site many consider to be the most toxic place on the internet because of the infamous vitriol and trolling by some of its millions and millions of anonymous users.”

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