Zach Whalen: How I Set Up A Frictionless Writing Workflow

Zach Whalen: How I Set Up A Frictionless Writing Workflow. “I used Evernote for a couple of years, and I liked how quick and easy it was to just start writing. Eventually, though, I became frustrated with the lack of portability for my documents, and I also wanted a writing environment with native support for Markdown since I find that goes a lot faster than menu-based WYSIWYG formatting. It lets me mark up the parts that need to look different and then worry about how they actually look later. So I came up with a process that works well for me…. The upshot is that I’m doing a lot more writing than I used to. I’ve used this process to create drafts of this blog post, a couple of journal articles and a conference paper, and my day-to-day notes are now accessible, portable, and searchable.”