The Guardian: How the news took over reality

The Guardian: How the news took over reality. “The afternoon of Friday 13 November 2015 was a chilly one in Manhattan, but that only made the atmosphere inside the Old Town Bar, one of the city’s oldest drinking haunts, even cosier than usual. ‘It’s unpretentious, very warm, a nurturing environment – I regard it with a lot of fondness,’ said Adam Greenfield, who was meeting a friend that day over beers and french fries in one of the bar’s wooden booths. ‘It’s the kind of place you lay down tracks of custom over time.’ Greenfield is an expert in urban design, and liable to get more philosophical than most people on subjects such as the appeal of cosy bars. But anyone who has visited the Old Town Bar, or any friendly pub in a busy city, knows what he and his friend were experiencing: restoration, replenishment, repair. ‘And then our phones started to vibrate.'”