Washingtonian: How Can We Preserve Go-Go’s History?

Washingtonian: How Can We Preserve Go-Go’s History?. “This spring, noise complaints forced a Shaw retailer to turn off the go-go recordings that had played in front of his store for more than two decades. The outcry was fast and intense, and in the wake of protests and a #DontMuteDC hashtag started by a Howard student, the music was eventually allowed to return. One intriguing piece of news that came from the coverage: The store’s owner, Donald Campbell, wants to launch a digital streaming platform to share the thousands of hours of live go-go recordings he’s amassed over the years—probably the biggest such collection in existence.” When I saw “go-go,” all I could think of was the 60s and those white go-go boots that used to be popular. This ain’t that. Looking into it further, go-go reminded me of the early rap I grew up with, mixed in with funk and lots of drums. I liked it. If you want to explore, 8tracks has a bunch of playlists.