CDN: Digital Cebuano, NCCA project goes online

CDN: Digital Cebuano, NCCA project goes online. “The project continues an earlier project with the NCCA [National Commission for Culture and the Arts] – the Shared Future project – which was completed in 2017. For this recent addition, the materials freshly digitized are the Nueva Fuerza newspapers and some more years of the Bag-ong Kusog newspapers, both high-traffic early twentieth century periodicals for local and foreign researchers. The project covers eight years (8) years of Nueva Fuerza and four (4) years of Bag-ong Kusog.” Cebuano is a language spoken by over 10 million people in the Philippines. See this article in Britannica. Some people argue that Cebuano is not a separate language at all but is a dialect of Bisaya.