Infotagion: Free Fact-Check Service To Stop Coronavirus Disinformation (Hollywood Insider)

Hollywood Insider: Infotagion: Free Fact-Check Service To Stop Coronavirus Disinformation. “Infotagion is a free online-based, independent, fact-checking service for COVID-19. This ingenious new website examines information about COVID-19 that is shared on websites and other publishing platforms online. Users are encouraged to send a screenshot or link of an article to Infotagion’s website, where it will be disseminated by their fact-checking team. If the information cannot be unquestionably verified by official sources such as the World Health Organization or Center for Disease Control, Infotagion will post the article or viral thread on their website with a ‘Factcheck’ headline. Each article is marked with a tag clarifying the key information in the article. Tags include false, misleading, true, and unconfirmed.”

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