American Theatre: 3Views Debuts Digital Archive

American Theatre: 3Views Debuts Digital Archive. “3Views was initially intended as a mission-driven journal, to not only broaden the scope of theatre-related writing, but to provide three diverse perspectives on one piece of theatre at a time. With a slew of significant names on deck⁠—Alison Bechdel, Cassie da Costa, Alexander Chee, Eve Ensler, Roxane Gay, John Guare, Jessica Hagedorn, John Lahr, Paul Muldoon, Cynthia Nixon, Mary Louise Parker, Claudia Rankine, James Shapiro, Kathryn Schulz, Zadie Smith, Wally Shawn, Alisa Solomon, Gloria Steinem and Monique Truong⁠—the publication was prepared to launch this spring. However, with theatres now closed and no productions to review, 3Views has shifted its purpose to that of a virtual space where theatre can re-emerge online. Each week, the site will feature three canceled productions; viewers will be able to read script excerpts and production history, watch videos, browse photos, explore designs, and more.”

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