New York Times: Zuckerberg Never Fails to Disappoint

New York Times: Zuckerberg Never Fails to Disappoint. “Mr. Zuckerberg has tried for a while to wrap himself up in the First Amendment — getting the whole point of the words of that amendment wrong nearly every time — and he has insisted that he does not want to be an ‘arbiter of truth.’ Yet he has set up the company in such a way — completely under his sway — that suggests he has to be, in fact, an arbiter of truth. With Mr. Zuckerberg’s overwhelming voting and corporate power, there is no reason to have a board — which is why board members with backbones, like Reed Hastings and Ken Chenault, have left — and every reason to put the responsibility for cleaning up the mess squarely at Mr. Zuckerberg’s feet.”

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