Yale Review: Surviving COVID-19

Yale Review: Surviving COVID-19. “In my room in the ICU, a clock hung on a concrete pillar across from my bed. Big, with huge numbers, so that even a short-sighted patient like me could see the time. Was the clock placed there for those of us in the ICU to orient ourselves in time, since there were no windows? If so, it told me little. The hall lights went on and off, the staff came and went in some elusive rhythm that was not, as was usually the case, determined by the light coming in from outside which divides the day from the night. Eleven o’clock, as the hands on that clock showed, could be eleven in the morning but also eleven in the evening—how could I know which? The only sure sign that the day had ended or begun was brushing my teeth. The time the clock showed was not mine; it was determined by others, and I only existed in it.”

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