BBC: Scotland’s little-known fourth “language”

BBC: Scotland’s little-known fourth “language”. ” Colourful yet guttural, the rural north-east dialect is a subset of vernacular Scots, officially protected by the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages…. But it turns out the Doric-speaking community currently have plenty to shout about. For the dialect, maligned for so long, is undergoing a revival. The green shoots to empower Doric speakers are plentiful. There is a new online TV station. A new undergraduate university degree course. A North-East Scots language board. And an interactive cultural map to help visitors discover Doric’s living oral, cultural and social history.” Whenever I learn about a language I want to hear it. Check out this YouTube video about Doric TV. Do not turn on the CC though or you’ll think she’s talking about DirectTV.

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