Bad News: Selling the Story of Disinformation (Harper’s Magazine)

Harper’s Magazine: Bad News: Selling the Story of Disinformation. I spent the first half of this article wondering if the writer was ever going to get to a point. Then about halfway through everything snaps into place and he starts hitting threes from downtown, including this bit that made me shout hallelujah: “‘Misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ are used casually and interchangeably to refer to an enormous range of content, ranging from well-worn scams to viral news aggregation; from foreign-intelligence operations to trolling; from opposition research to harassment. In their crudest use, the terms are simply jargon for ‘things I disagree with.’ Attempts to define ‘disinformation’ broadly enough as to rinse it of political perspective or ideology leave us in territory so abstract as to be absurd.”

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