Dispatches from Idaho’s front lines: ‘We are breaking’ (Idaho Capital Sun)

Idaho Capital Sun: Dispatches from Idaho’s front lines: ‘We are breaking’. “It was the morning of Sept. 16, and Idaho had just hit ‘crisis standards,’ a point of last resort for health care. Hospitals had so many patients with COVID-19, the state gave them permission to downgrade medical care for everyone. That could mean discharging patients faster than usual, or it could mean the unthinkable: choosing who gets an intensive care bed or oxygen. But the hospital was calm, and so was the man in the cowboy hat. He placed his worn Bible on the front desk and leaned in for a temperature check. He wasn’t at Saint Al’s because he was sick, he told the woman screening him for a visitor pass. He was there to minister to a patient being taken off a ventilator. He picked up his Bible and headed for the elevator.”

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