The End Of An Archive: NCAR Powers Off HPSS (UCAR)

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research: The End Of An Archive: NCAR Powers Off HPSS. “After more than 10 years in service as a long-term repository for curated data archives and modeling data, NCAR [National Center for Atmospheric Research]’s High-Performance Storage System (HPSS) was officially retired on October 1, 2021. The tape archive made its debut in March 2011 as a follow-on to the 25-year-old NCAR Mass Storage System (MSS). During the transition from MSS, some 70 million files – approximately 12 petabytes of data – were migrated into HPSS. At its peak in early 2020, the volume of data archived in HPSS had grown to more than 93 petabytes and 300 million files.”

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