The ML Glossary: Five years of new language (Google Blog)

Google Blog: The ML Glossary: Five years of new language. “Over guacamole and corn chips at a party, a friend mentions that her favorite phone game uses augmented reality. Another friend points her phone at the host and shouts, ‘Watch out—a t-rex is sneaking up behind you.’ Eager to join the conversation, you blurt, ‘My blender has an augmented reality setting.’ If only you had looked up augmented reality in Google’s Machine Learning Glossary, which defines over 460 terms related to artificial intelligence, you’d know what the heck your friends are talking about. If you’ve ever wondered what a neural network is, or if you chronically confuse the negative class with the positive class at the doctor’s office (‘Wait, the negative class means I’m healthy?’), the Glossary has you covered.” I tried to keep context while not including the “Oh look, you humiliated yourself by not consulting Google” lede, but it didn’t work. Apologies.

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