Mashable: Posting memes will get you banned from Instagram

Mashable: Posting memes will get you banned from Instagram. “Since March, my accounts have been disabled five more times. One backup was actually deleted while I wrote this article for an innocent image of a man kissing a baby’s head. I’m not kidding. [I will bet you $10 Facebook’s AI thought the baby’s head was a breast. I’m not kidding.-TJC] Adiòs to another 14,000 followers, I guess. No matter how many appeals I send, nothing happens. I never fully understand why my account gets disabled, but I always try to play by Instagram’s distinctly vague community guidelines. Instagram did not reply to multiple requests for comment on this story, but when they do talk to the press, they usually say some version of, “Instagram has a responsibility to keep people safe.” While that may be true, how exactly does disabling an account for posting a Coachella meme have anything to do with keeping people safe?”

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