The Atlantic: ‘History Will Not Judge Us Kindly’

The Atlantic: ‘History Will Not Judge Us Kindly’. “Even for the Americans inured to the president’s thumbed outbursts, Trump’s attack against his own vice president—at a moment when Pence was being hunted by the mob Trump sent to the Capitol—was something else entirely. Horrified Facebook employees scrambled to enact ‘break the glass’ measures, steps they could take to quell the further use of their platform for inciting violence. That evening, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, posted a message on Facebook’s internal chat platform, known as Workplace, under the heading ‘Employee FYI.’ ‘This is a dark moment in our nation’s history,’ Zuckerberg wrote, ‘and I know many of you are frightened and concerned about what’s happening in Washington, DC. I’m personally saddened by this mob violence.’ Facebook staffers weren’t sad, though. They were angry, and they were very specifically angry at Facebook. Their message was clear: This is our fault.”

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