The Beats within: comparing AI & human adaptations of “Howl” (Stanford Libraries)

Stanford Libraries: The Beats within: comparing AI & human adaptations of “Howl” . “‘Howl’ is considered one of the most important poems of American literature and stands as an iconic work of the 1950’s. Can its famous first line be translated into a different context entirely by using fictional texts from another period? What does the GPT-2 model (a large language model originally developed by Open-AI) mark as the identifying features of the first line of ‘Howl’ and what does that tell us about the GPT-2 model’s knowledge of literary texts? For this occasion, we retrained the small-size GPT-2 model (originally developed by Open-AI) to generate alternate ways to complete the text ‘I saw the best minds of my generation…’ in the style of different authors or characters, with the result as a text or an image.” Sweet Valley High! Star Wars!

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