Ukraine, Russia, War, and Memes

I have a great interest in the intersection between military conflict and Internet culture, so I’ve been reviewing Ukraine/Russia war meme compilations on YouTube. The Meme Orange does compilations of spicy memes/ war memes regularly, while Memenade does daily meme compilations which include Ukraine memes. I think my favorite, though, is Dima Maleev.

His channel states he is Ukrainian; I have not confirmed this but have no reason to disbelieve it. Anyway, instead of simple meme aggregations he takes four or five meme topics and gives background, context (like audio recordings) and plenty of meme reactions. There are only about four of these “WAR MEMES” videos (I’m sure they take a huge amount of work) but they’re well worth viewing. If you have trouble understanding accented English turn the captions on; they’re auto-generated but very good.

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