WIRED: A Spotlight on the Art of Video Games

WIRED: A Spotlight on the Art of Video Games. “It’s hard, walking around MoMA’s exhibit, not to think of Gabrielle Zevin’s Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, a novel about the making of video games and the way a group of people creates them together—and then plays them together. I also couldn’t shake the memory of something Zevin told my colleague Will Bedingfield: Nowadays, almost everyone is a gamer. ‘If you’re playing Facebook, if you’re playing Instagram, if you’re playing on a social media network—as in, using one—you are playing a game,’ she said, ‘it’s just a sort of dull game with no end.'” Unless you’re on Twitter, then it’s an endless game of bumper cars, only the cars are on fire and have rocket launchers.

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