Dear Google Translate: Russia Is Not Mordor

Fun with Google Translate: No, Russia is not Mordor. “The California company was forced to explain on Tuesday why translations of certain words from Ukrainian into Russian gave users controversially—and sometimes hilariously—inaccurate results. For some, a translation of the words Russian Federation from Ukrainian into Russian returned the word Mordor, the evil fictional realm in J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Pro-Ukrainian groups have taken to using the term when referring to Russia.”

Ukraine Granting Free Access to Trademark Applications Database

Ukraine is granting free access to its trademark applications database. “After much debate, the Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property granted free access to its online database of trademark applications on August 21, which is a step forward in developing IP rights protection in Ukraine. Even though the database only contains applications that passed the formal examination since August 20, trademark owners will be able to monitor new applications and daily updates, ensuring timely enforcement of their prior rights.”