Gizmodo: Facebook Makes Bullsh*t Claim It Would Take ‘Wonder Machine’ to Track Hate Speech

Gizmodo: Facebook Makes Bullsh*t Claim It Would Take ‘Wonder Machine’ to Track Hate Speech. [Asterisk added by me.] “On Monday, a Syrian refugee named Anas Modamani and his lawyer appeared in a Würzburg courtroom to duke it out with Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. Modamani sued Facebook over a 2015 selfie he took with German chancellor Angela Merkel. The photo went viral, but it also began to appear with statements saying Modamani was a terror suspect, and a number of fake news reports shared on Facebook falsely linked him to terror attacks in Brussels and Berlin. In court, Modamani’s lawyer Chan-jo Jun argued that Facebook has the technical capability to detect the selfie and prevent it from being spread further.”

Serious Security Issue Found (and Patched) in Ubuntu Linux

Some serious security issues in Ubuntu Linux have recently been patched. “Donncha O’Cearbhaill, an Irish security researcher, found a remote execution bug in Ubuntu. This security hole, which first appeared in Ubuntu 12.10, makes it possible for malicious code to be injected into your system when you open a booby-trapped file. This can be used to crash your system or run malware. It does not — a small blessing — enable attackers to become the root user.”

Google My Business Adds Notifications

Do you have a Google My Business page? You need this. “Google quietly added a new features to Google My Business Settings at that let’s you configure when and how you’d like to get notifications about changes or additions to your business listings on Google.” Google My Business has been awful ever since Google mushed it up with Google+, IMHO. So much better when it was just Google Local.