Hongkiat: 10 Best Video Tools to Make Compelling Videos Easily

Hongkiat: 10 Best Video Tools to Make Compelling Videos Easily. “A picture speaks louder than words, but what speaks even louder than a picture is a compelling video. Whether you need to create animated videos to pitch your business or want to make a video montage to play on your friend’s wedding, there’s no need to hire a professional as long as you have some cool video creation tools available. There are tools that turn your photos and movie clips into engaging videos. In this post, I have picked the best video creation tools that are full of features and can be easily used by anyone. Come let’s give it a look.”

Lifehacker: The Beginner’s Guide to VPNs

Lifehacker: The Beginner’s Guide to VPNs . “In trying to puzzle out just what, exactly a virtual private network (VPN) is, it can be helpful to simply take the first word away. That leaves you with ‘private network,’ which seems pretty straightforward. A private network is one that is basically walled off from everyone who doesn’t have permission to access it. Think of your college intranet. Or the CIA servers.”

ZDNet: How to tweak the new Firefox 57 Quantum browser to suit your preferences

ZDNet: How to tweak the new Firefox 57 Quantum browser to suit your preferences. “Mozilla’s new Firefox 57 Quantum browser has been well received, with TechRepublic claiming that it ‘could take Chrome’s position as the king of browsers’. If you are thinking of trying it, here are some tips on setting it up. Indeed, Firefox has changed so much has that current users may also learn a few things. I had to.”

The Register: DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database

The Register: DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database . “The Global Cyber Alliance has given the world a new free Domain Name Service resolver, and advanced it as offering unusually strong security and privacy features. The Quad9 DNS service, at, not only turns URIs into IP addresses, but also checks them against IBM X-Force’s threat intelligence database. Those checks protect agains landing on any of the 40 billion evil sites and images X-Force has found to be dangerous.”

Social Media Today: 12 Overlooked But Powerful Content Curation Tools

Social Media Today: 12 Overlooked But Powerful Content Curation Tools. “Content curation – or, more simply, the art of sharing content that’s already out there – enables you can tap into the millions of pieces of content being produced every day. No matter who your audience is or what industry you’re a part of, there is already tons of content out there just waiting to be used. Back in the day, curating content was a job in itself – marketers would have to find the time to go through other sites to discover content already out there. Flash forward to now, and technology is on your side – the wide range of new content curation tools enables you to quickly find relevant blog posts, social media content, and videos without having to break a sweat (or spend a lot).” I am just here for Answer the Public. Wow.

Salon: A parent’s ultimate guide to YouTube kids

Salon: A parent’s ultimate guide to YouTube kids. “So many kids love watching videos on YouTube, it seemed like a slam dunk for Google to create a special app specifically for the online video service’s youngest fans. And while YouTube Kids offers a colorful, easy-to-navigate environment, a wide range of high-quality videos, a few parental controls, and fun features for kids, it’s been dogged by concerns over its advertising, branded content, and inappropriate clips slipping through the curation process. So is YouTube Kids right for kids — or not?”

Hongkiat: How to Read Deleted Reddit Comments

Hongkiat: How to Read Deleted Reddit Comments. “While browsing through Reddit, you must have seen deleted or removed comments that may have aroused your curiosity. But do you know you can recover most of these deleted comments with the help of third-party tools? In today’s post, I’ll show you four tools that can help you see deleted Reddit comments one way or another. These tools are completely free to use and aren’t illegal as well.” The article notes that deleted content is usually deleted for a reason, and you should expect offensive content.