Lifehacker: How Do I Create a Searchable Archive of PDFs?

Lifehacker: How Do I Create a Searchable Archive of PDFs?. “In this week’s tech-advice column at Lifehacker—keep your questions coming, folks!—we’re helping out a reader who has way too many important papers that need to make a magical transition to the digital realm. At least, that sounds a lot more exciting than ‘Optical Character Recognition,’ which doesn’t really roll off the tongue.”

ZDNet: How to replace Windows 7 with Linux Mint

ZDNet: How to replace Windows 7 with Linux Mint . “I actually sort of, kind of like Windows 10. Yes. Really. Well, I did when it first came out. My affection for it waned with every Windows 10 failed update. Take the infamous Windows 10 October 2018 Update, aka version 1809. When it first came out it deleted user files, would sometime fail at unzipping compressed files, and could fail while opening files on networked drives. Quality assurance? What’s that? It’s only now, three months later, that Windows 10 October 2018 is finally being automatically rolled out to users. So, maybe Windows 10 isn’t really what you want to ‘upgrade’ to right now. In that case, I have another suggestion: Linux Mint.”

Pierre Markuse: Satellite Image Guide for Journalists and Media

This is from December but it’s too good to miss. From Pierre Markuse: Satellite Image Guide for Journalists and Media. “So you would like to use a satellite image in your article and you would like to explain it to your viewers? Here is a short guide covering some of the most frequently asked questions and giving some general explanations on satellite images. It by no means covers all aspects, as there are far too many types of satellite images, but should give you a good start to find out more on your own and maybe motivate you to create your own images, which has become quite easy and quick even with no prior knowledge of it.”

Hack Your Gmail: A Quick Start For Google App Scripting (Hackaday)

Hackaday: Hack Your Gmail: A Quick Start For Google App Scripting. “Google provides a lot of features with all of its products, but however you slice it, all the code runs on their servers out of your reach. Sort of. If you know JavaScript, you can use Google Apps Script to add features to many Google products including Gmail. If you’ve used Office scripting, the idea is the same, although obviously the implementation is very different. With scripting you can make sophisticated filters that would be very hard to do otherwise. For example, monitor for suspicious messages like those with more than 4 attachments, or that appear to come from a contact between the hours of 2AM and 5AM. For our example today, I’m going to show you something that is easy but also highly useful.”

How-To Geek: The Best Google Docs Add-Ons

How-To Geek: The Best Google Docs Add-Ons . “Google Docs add-ons work similarly to how a browser extension works. They are a third-party app that you install to Google Docs to gain additional features. Some add-ons increase productivity (like proofreading tools) and some add more extensive capabilities (like allowing teachers to integrate grades into students papers). Here’s how to install them and some of our favorites.”