Pandora Offering Free Streaming Day September 9

If you dig free streaming, you might dig this: Pandora is offering an ad-free day on September 9th. “What started as the human genome project has become something much bigger, connecting artists to listeners 24/7. To give back, Pandora has announced ‘Listener Love Day,’ a day of ad-free streaming for all US users. It starts at midnight ET on Wednesday September 9th and runs for 24 hours.” A comment on the article notes it’s “music genome,” not “human genome,” but a) I’m quoting directly, and b) heaven knows I make enough typos on ResearchBuzz that I should keep my head shut about other people’s.

Adopt a Department of Education Data Set

They’re not as cuddly as a puppy, but on the other hand they don’t pee on the carpet. Maybe you’d like to adopt a Department of Education data set. “My partner Kin Lane recently received a Knight Foundation prototype grant for a project he’s calling Adopta.Agency. The idea is to build upon President Obama’s open data initiative so that federal datasets are actually useful – the data is clean and (ideally) machine-readable.”

Strategies for Identifying Songs

Useful from Ubergizmo: strategies for quickly finding a song. “There are online web based service and applications as well that will help you identify a song with the simplest clue. Most of these apps/services are free to use, but some may offer a premium paid version with extra features. In this tutorial, we are going to list down apps/services that will let you identify a song using different factors.”

An Alternative to GMail’s Canned Responses

Amit Agarwal, who is always on the case, has a writeup on Email Autoresponder, a Chrome add-on I’m pretty sure he put together. GMail has canned responses but they do have limitations. This new add-on is an attempt to address those limitations and make a more powerful tool. I’ll have to take a look – I’m constantly frustrated by GMail’s limitations after years and years of using Eudora.

Lifehacker Looks at Balloon Dropbox Tool

Lifehacker looks at Balloon, which lets people add files to your Dropbox without having a Dropbox account. “Essentially, when you create a link in Balloon, it gives people access to a folder where they can drop in files, but can’t browse the rest of the contents. It’s handy when you’re collecting together a group of files from various people.”

GitHub for Journalists

From Poynter: GitHub tutorials and resources for journalists. “Last year, Clay Shirky used GitHub as a way to report on Occupy Hong Kong. The platform allowed others on the scene to collaborate with Shirky as he reported his piece. What I admire about this approach is that it gave anyone the ability to clone and then modify Shirky’s document — but Shirky had final approval over whether to integrate those changes into the master document.”

Getting Google Help with a Twitter Hashtag

Need some help with Google, but you want to use Twitter? There’s a hashtag for that. “Need help with Google search? Maybe with Gmail? Google Photos? Or any Google product? Now you can just head over to Twitter and ask your question and add on #gHelp to the question. Someone from the Google Top Contributor team should find it and respond.”

A Google Spreadsheet That Auto-Tweets Your Archives

NICE. How to build a Google Spreadsheet that auto-tweets your archives. “Set it and forget it. That’s what we wanted from a program that would reduce our social media workload and surface the Storybench archives. Much like the ‘scheduling tweets’ function from Twitter programs like Hootsuite, we wanted a simple-to-use script that would auto-tweet stories from our backlog. We found a solution created by Zach Whalen, a professor of digital media at the University of Mary Washington. ”