Online Archive of Items from WWII Concentration Camp Prisoners

There is now an online archive of items taken from German World War II concentration camp prisoners. “50,000 documents have been uploaded last week to the center’s website, among them are photos of 3,300 personal items which lay in ITS’s archive in Bad Arolsen, Germany, just waiting for someone to recognize them.” The goal is to get the items back to the owners or their families, but there are other things on the site as well: “Also put online as part of the new archive, were documents concerning the routes of Death Marches and locations of burial sites, and files of the Child Search Branch founded by the UN after the war. Under each item, visitors to the site can leave a comment, and as researchers hope, reveal previously unknown information.”

Firefox Dropping NPIAPI Plugin Support EXCEPT FLASH (Wait, What?)

Firefox is dropping NPAPI plugins by the end of 2016 — except for Flash. “Microsoft dropped NPAPI support in Internet Explorer 5.5, and its Edge browser in Windows 10 also drops support for ActiveX plugins. Google’s Chrome started phasing out NPAPI support in April this year and dropped it entirely in September. Now it’s Firefox’s turn. Netscape’s open source descendent will be removing NPAPI plugin support by the end of 2016. Some variants of the browser, such as 64-bit Firefox for Windows, already lack this plugin support.”

Google Street View has Five New Collections

Google Street View has five new collections. “Starting our journey in NorCal, hike through the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve with the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, who work to preserve some of the state’s most beautiful parks and nature refuges. On your Street View stroll, you can see the old growth redwoods—the largest forest stand in Sonoma County open to the public—as well as countless beautiful meadows and vistas.”

DuckDuckGo Z-Snaps All Over Google

I am now giggling while I’m typing this because of the weird visual. DuckDuckGo is throwing shade on Google. “Gabriel Weinberg participated in an Q&A session at Hacker News this week where one person expressed concern that DuckDuckGo could disappear if it doesn’t make money. In response, Weinberg explained that the company is already profitable — and took a shot at search giant Google in the process.”

Dems Debate, IA Tracks

While the Democrats debate, the Internet Archive will be watching. “When Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders take the podium tonight along with other contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, their debate will be televised. The Television Archive will be tracking the news coverage surrounding the debate, viewable and searchable… And this tool, developed by political scientist Kalev Leetaru and fueled by Internet Archive data, allows users to see how many times a particular candidate’s name is mentioned in news coverage.”

Wolfram Alpha Searches That Don’t Work on Google

I love me some Wolfram|Alpha: 16 Searches You Can Run on Wolfram Alpha That Don’t Work on Google. In the last couple of years, the antivirus software I use does not give your expiration date for its subscription. It just says something like 149 days from today. I love WA in that I can search for 149 days from today and get that date.

LogMeIn Purchases LastPass

LogMeIn has purchased LastPass. “With an increasing number of data breaches putting users’ personal information at risk, a company that helps online users better manage their account information with various websites and services, as well as help customers run security checks on their accounts, seems like it would have the potential for serious growth. That’s what remote access software maker LogMeIn is hoping, as the company announced this morning that it has acquired the password management software maker LastPass for $110 million in cash.”

New Reddit Search Tool

Somebody made a new search tool for Reddit. “You can do a few things with the site. You can perform a search and restrict it to a subreddit as well. The month of July is a particularly interesting month for Reddit, because that’s when the entire Victoria / Reddit Blackout occurred. If you do a search with no keyword and type in a subreddit, you can see that subreddit’s entire comment volume history for the month.”

Hands-on with Cardboard and Street View

VentureBeat did a hands-on with Google Street View and Google Cardboard and apparently we will never see them again. “I took a mini vacation in Google Street View. I was able to look 360 degrees around in a bunch of places, while using the OnePlus Cardboard virtual reality (VR) headset, based on the Google Cardboard VR system. Google announced full Cardboard support for the Google Street View app on iOS and Android earlier today, and now I want to do nothing other than look at more Street View scenes with Cardboard.”

Crisis Text Line Releases Trends, Increases Data Access

Crisis Text Line is releasing its human interactions as a data set (an anonymous data set, of course). “Currently, our Level 1 data can be found on Crisis Trends, which provides aggregate, real-time crisis data to the public. You can find data on the top 20 issues experienced by people who contact Crisis Text Line and segment it by hour of day, day of week, month over month, or by state. We also show frequency word clouds of the top 50 words used by texters for each issue. For example, for family issues, ‘mom’ is mentioned much more frequently than ‘dad.’”