University of Maryland Archives: Black Explosion Now Available!

University of Maryland Archives: Black Explosion Now Available!. “Dissatisfied with coverage of issues important to and activities of the African American community at the university, the Black Student Union began publishing an independent newspaper, entitled the Black Explosion, sometime between 1967 and 1970; the actual date is unclear, and the founding date is reported variously on the masthead of the paper itself. The Black Explosion published continuously in hard copy until December 2015/January 2016, and all issues in the Archives’ collection are now online and searchable by keyword and date. Users can also save articles or entire issues by using the clipping tool described on the Using the Database portion of the About page on the website.”

YourTango: 21 Acronyms & Hashtags The Cool Kids Use On Instagram (And What They Actually Mean)

YourTango: 21 Acronyms & Hashtags The Cool Kids Use On Instagram (And What They Actually Mean). “If you, like me, have ever stumbled across a hashtag or acronym on Instagram and had no clue what it meant, rest assured that you are absolutely not alone. ‘WCW? MCM? What are these? Drugs?’ These are words I almost surely said to myself as I began my own persona foray into the magical world of Insta. To save you from confusion, I’ve broken down 21 of the most commonly used hashtags and acronyms you’re likely to find in captions and comments on Instagram.” These are an odd mix of those I would have considered obvious/well-known (QOTD) and some I’d never heard of (MCM and WCW – and WCW does not in this context stand for World Championship Wrestling.)

Digital Library of Georgia: Unique view of Athens arts and music scene from 1987-2012 in Flagpole Magazine

Something a little different from the Digital Library of Georgia: Unique view of Athens arts and music scene from 1987-2012 in Flagpole Magazine. “Flagpole Magazine, Athens’ popular alternative newsweekly is the latest addition to the Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive (GHN) … part of the Digital Library of Georgia, based at the University of Georgia Libraries. The release of this new collection coincides with the 30th anniversary of Flagpole.” Adds 300 New Words has added 300 new words. “ has added more than 300 new words and definitions to its online database reflecting everything from news to pop culture, which brought these words out of the darkness of the struggle bus and into the victorious expression of dabbing.” I had never heard “struggle bus”. Kind of like it.

New Database of People Who Died While in Legal Custody in Texas, 2005-2015

Now available: an online archive of people who died while within legal custody in Texas, 2005-2015. It’s important to note that this database is about all deaths, and not only deaths that occurred as a direct action of law enforcement. “The final product was culled from thousands of internal reports and includes names, time and place of death, cause of death, time in custody, and a description of the circumstances. Aided by web developers, Patrick Diaz and Vitaly Kezlya, and her husband, Robert Pinkard, [Amanda] Woog envisioned and created a website that’s well organized and cleanly designed.”

Butetown Centre Searching for a Home for Its Archives

The Butetown History and Arts Centre (Cardiff, Wales) is closing, but has no place to transfer or store its archives. “The archive contains items including recordings from people who were residents in Tiger Bay at the start of the 20th century. They were made from the 1980s onwards and include memories which go right back to the beginning of the 20th century – the heyday of the docks.”

New Digital Archive of the Freddie Gray Protests

The Maryland Historical Archive has launched a digital archive of the Freddie Gray protests. “On Thursday, the society announced the launch of the website … which offers a searchable database of thousands of videos, photos, oral accounts, and written documents that provide a look at a range of perspectives from the unrest following Mr. Gray’s death in police custody last April.”