Refinery 29: Here’s How To Make Sure You Can Watch All The Oscars Action Live

Refinery 29: Here’s How To Make Sure You Can Watch All The Oscars Action Live. “This year will be better known as the year stars wore black to show solidarity with #MeToo and Oprah briefly suspicions of a presidential run in 2020. When Jimmy Kimmel returns to host the Oscars for the second year in a row this Sunday, you can bet there will be lots of extra careful envelope-checking before the presenters take the stage and winners are announced. If you want to avoid being the person Googling ‘what happened at the Oscars’ on Monday, here’s what you need to know to catch all of the action live.”

Variety: Inside the Academy Archives: A Priceless Trove of Foreign-Language Nominees

Variety has an article about the archiving efforts of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. “because the Academy collects prints of every single nominated film, that means 300 of the world’s best foreign-language movies have found a permanent place in its vaults — international films that, in many cases, are no longer (or never were) available for home viewing. Those copies, whether on celluloid or DCP, are just the beginning of the Academy’s in-depth efforts to preserve a lasting legacy of cinema history from around the globe. The Academy archives also include movie posters, photographs, scripts, and other rare artifacts related to both the nominees, and international cinema in general. The 60th anniversary of the category offered me a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library to view the collections — and to evaluate just how international they truly are.”