Smashing Magazine: Creating Online Environments That Work Well For Older Users

Smashing Magazine: Creating Online Environments That Work Well For Older Users. “Even though we’re as tech-savvy as anyone else, older users have some specific needs that web designers and programmers should consider. None of them are particularly difficult to accommodate, but they can be critical for our use and enjoyment of the Internet. As a bonus, you’ll be designing environments that will also work for you when you get older. ‘Older’ meaning ‘past forty’.” Every Web designer who thinks gray-on-gray text is just swell should be forced to copy this article fifty times.

Mashable: The case for having a ‘finsta’ as an adult

Mashable: The case for having a ‘finsta’ as an adult. “Finstas can house a wide variety of pics, from shitposts to risqué selfies to hyper-specific memes the user only wants their best friends to see. They’re generally private, with highly curated followings — it’s not uncommon for finsta accounts to only have 10-15 followers. Unless you’ve been invited to follow someone’s finsta, it’s generally impossible to tell who the account belongs to. It’s essentially a secret, unfiltered Instagram oasis.”

Researchers Can Guess Age Based on Instagram Behavior

Researchers can guess your age based on your Instagram behavior. “On Instagram, for instance, teens interact more with photos than adults do—they comment more frequently, and like more photos—but, unexpectedly, they seem to publish less frequently themselves. (There may be a simple explanation, though: It’s possible teens only appear to publish less frequently than adults because teens are more likely to delete photos they perceive as under-liked, and to return to their own feeds and prune them over time.)”

Hey! Adults Have Discovered Snapchat

Teenagers beware: the adults are invading Snapchat. “According to analytics firm comScore, roughly 67.5 percent of smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 24 are on Snapchat. The report further found that 38 percent of smartphone users ages 25 to 34 use the service, as do 14 percent of those ages 35 and older. Just three years ago, these figures were just five and two percent, respectively.”

Research: Possible Benefits For Teen/Adult Friending on Social Media

Research suggests that there may be some benefits to letting teens “friend” adults on Facebook. “Friend requested by mom, dad and the math teacher? When teen and adult worlds collide on social media it can be weird and awkward at times, but research from Drexel University suggests these socially messy interactions can turn out to be valuable life experiences.”