Google Must Face More Action in Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Google will have to face more action in an age-discrimination lawsuit. “Google suffered a setback in an age discrimination suit this week. A judge ruled that other software engineers over age 40 who interviewed with the company but didn’t get hired can step forward and join the lawsuit. The suit was brought by two job applicants, both over the age of 40, who interviewed but weren’t offered jobs.”

Researchers Can Guess Age Based on Instagram Behavior

Researchers can guess your age based on your Instagram behavior. “On Instagram, for instance, teens interact more with photos than adults do—they comment more frequently, and like more photos—but, unexpectedly, they seem to publish less frequently themselves. (There may be a simple explanation, though: It’s possible teens only appear to publish less frequently than adults because teens are more likely to delete photos they perceive as under-liked, and to return to their own feeds and prune them over time.)”