Chile Bio: New database published on crops genetically edited with CRISPR

Chile Bio, translated from Spanish using Google Translator: New database published on crops genetically edited with CRISPR. “…researchers at the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI; Ithaca, NY) have developed the Plant Genetic Editing Database (PGED) to be a central repository for efficiently managing data. of mutant plants, as well as to provide a platform to share data and mutants with the research community. The last hope is that PGED will lead to a more efficient use of resources by reducing unnecessary duplicate experiments and catalyzing collaborations between research institutions.”

New Web Site Spotlights (Mostly) Agricultural Items from Arkansas

A new Web site provides information on (mostly) agricultural products produced in Arkansas. “The new site aims to improve accessibility to Arkansas products, giving buyers, grocers, restaurateurs and chefs, and consumers a one-stop database … Close to 800 growers, producers and makers have items listed for purchase. Searchers can query data at no cost to find anything from meat, dairy and fruit varieties to locally made jams and duck calls.”