Mashable: Algorithms control your online life. Here’s how to reduce their influence.

Mashable: Algorithms control your online life. Here’s how to reduce their influence.. “The world in 2020 has been given plenty of reasons to be wary of algorithms. Depending on the result of the U.S. presidential election, it may give us one more. Either way, it’s high time we questioned the impact of these high-tech data-driven calculations, which increasingly determine who or what we see (and what we don’t) online.”

New York Times: As Google Fights Fake News, Voices on the Margins Raise Alarm

New York Times: As Google Fights Fake News, Voices on the Margins Raise Alarm. “When David North, the editorial chairman of the World Socialist Web Site, noticed a drop in the site’s traffic in April, he initially chalked it up to news fatigue over President Trump or a shift in political consciousness. But when he dug into the numbers, Mr. North said, he found a clearer explanation: Google had stopped redirecting search queries to the site. He discovered that the top search terms that once brought people to the World Socialist Web Site were now coming up empty.”

Is Snapchat Going to an Algorithmic Timeline?

Oh good grief, is Snapchat going to go to an algorithmic timeline too? Boo hiss! “Many publishers and brands are earmarking resources for Snapchat, the platform of the moment for reaching a large, young and active audience. Users currently see all the messages from accounts they follow in chronological order, but with an algorithm, Snapchat would act as curator of content from publishers and, especially, brands, according to sources.”

The Atlantic on Non-Transparent Algos

The Atlantic has a really good article on why non-transparent algorithms really freak me the heck out. “These are the mysteries of the algorithms that rule the web. And the weird thing is, they aren’t just inscrutable to the people clicking and scrolling around the Internet. Even the engineers who develop algorithms can’t tell you exactly how they work. And it’s going to get more convoluted before it gets clearer. In fact, for a few reasons, it probably won’t get clearer ever.”

BuzzFeed Speculates on Twitter Going to An Algo Feed

BuzzFeed speculates about Twitter going an algorithmic route. If it does I will be very, very unhappy. Nuzzel will become much less useful. “In a worst-case scenario, an algorithmic feed could turn Twitter into an inferior version of Facebook, which might, in turn, alienate its core users. But Twitter is a company motivated by profit. And if that worst-case scenario juices revenue, it could prove to be one its investors accept, even as core users decry it.” Great, let’s shit Twitter up all we want to. As long as the investors are happy, right?

Bing Predicted NBA Champions Back in April

Bing predicted the outcome of the NBA finals. Back in April. “Bing had the Warriors down to beat the Atlanta Hawks in five games, but the Cavaliers earned their shot at the Championship by dismissing the Hawks in four. The Warriors’ side of the bracket proved to be slightly easier to predict, with Bing only failing to foresee the Houston Rockets’ hard-fought victory over the LA Clippers.” Bing is getting a little scary.

Researchers at the University of Toronto Want to Fashion Up Your Instagram

Researchers at the University of Toronto want to use Instagram to help you dress more fashionably. “The researchers mined data from, a social website where users share photos of their outfits. Using the site’s 144,169 posts, the team was able to amass highly detailed statistics for each user, their photo and the fashion it features, along with the comments and response it received from the rest of the Chictopia community. This Fashion144k Dataset, as it’s called, revealed certain correlations and patterns between aspects of a post and the interest it generated, which information the smart folks in Toronto then crunched and coded into their intricate (and seriously brilliant) fashionability-predicting algorithm.” There is no hope for me, but I sure hope Skellie knows about this..