Lifehacker: Get Free Ambient Work Music With Flow State

Lifehacker: Get Free Ambient Work Music With Flow State . “Every morning Flow State emails subscribers a set of background music, mostly wordless, to soundtrack your work day. And they’re pretty good at digging up non-obvious music, some of which isn’t even available on major streaming services (though almost all of it is on YouTube). Past artists include Max Richter, Olivier Messiaen, Debussy, Johann Johannsson, Tangerine Dream, Kaoru Inoue, Brian Eno, and William Basinski. (Yep, almost all men, sorry.) Occasionally there’s a DJ mix that incorporates several artists.” Flow State used to cost money but now it is free.

New-to-Me: A Database of Free-to-Use Ambient Sounds

New-to-Me: a database of free-to-use ambient sounds. “Free To Use Sounds is a massive online archive of high-quality sounds that are avaliable to the public to use how they wish at no cost. The library is extensive, featuring everything from animal and nature noises, to urban soundscapes, obscure musical instruments (church bells, parades, etc) and binaural (3D) recordings.”

Resonance Audio: Multi-platform spatial audio at scale (Google Blog)

Google Blog: Resonance Audio: Multi-platform spatial audio at scale. “As humans, we rely on sound to guide us through our environment, help us communicate with others and connect us with what’s happening around us. Whether walking along a busy city street or attending a packed music concert, we’re able to hear hundreds of sounds coming from different directions. So when it comes to AR, VR, games and 360 video, you need rich sound to create an engaging immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re really there. Today, we’re releasing a new spatial audio software development kit (SDK) called Resonance Audio. It’s based on technology from Google’s VR Audio SDK, and it works at scale across mobile and desktop platforms.”

Digital Trends: Google Home Can Play Soothing Nature Sounds To Help You Stay Productive

Digital Trends: Google Home Can Play Soothing Nature Sounds To Help You Stay Productive. “Google Home, Google’s artificial intelligence-imbued smart home speaker, can walk you through recipes, place restaurant reservations, start your car, and recap the day’s most significant events. But that is not all it can do. Thanks to a recent update, Google Home can serve up soothing ambient sounds that reduce stress and aid in concentration.” It’s going to be funny if this ends up being Google Home’s killer app.

NewAtlas: Posters and t-shirts turned into (very) local FM radio stations

From NewAtlas, wow! Posters and t-shirts turned into (very) local FM radio stations. “What if a band’s poster could actually transmit a sample of their music to your phone, or your t-shirt could monitor your vital signs while you exercise? Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have pioneered a technique where everyday objects can be embedded with transmitters that piggyback ambient FM signals to send data to nearby smartphones and radios using almost no power.” Can you imagine using this technology in a museum exhibit?