The Next Web: Apple acquires automation app Workflow and makes it free

The Next Web: Apple acquires automation app Workflow and makes it free. “Apple has acquired Workflow, an automation app for iOS that lets you connect apps and create quick shortcuts to actions like texting a contact to let them know you’ll be late for your appointment, find a convenience store near you, make PDFs from Web pages and record an audio note to yourself that’s accessible in the Reminders app.”

Google: More news in Google News & Weather

From Google: More news in Google News & Weather. “The world of news is broad, deep and ever-changing. The News & Weather app shows the top three stories from various sections on its Home page, but beneath this surface lie many more informative and engaging stories. In fact, we find that many people regularly hit the bottom of our Home page looking for more to read. To offer you further opportunities to discover great content, we’ve added over 200 news stories to the Home screen in a browsable stream called More Headlines.”

National Archives Releases New “Remembering World War I” App has released a new “Remembering World War I” app. “The app invites people nationwide to contribute their own stories and play a part in the centennial commemoration of the First World War. Building on an amazing moving image and photographic archive being digitized and preserved as part of a larger Wartime Films Project, the app features thousands of rarely seen public domain images and films to encourage discovery and creative reuse. Intended in part for classroom instruction, Remembering WWI provides educators with the digital sources and narrative-building tools to help students foster an understanding of World War I.”

CNET: Uptime app lets you watch YouTube vids with friends

CNET: Uptime app lets you watch YouTube vids with friends. “Uptime lets you share videos and respond while watching them, as well as get recommendations from your friends and other users you follow on the app. You can also react to videos with things like emojis and hearts. While you watch a video, you can see an icon from your Google account moving around the screen to signify progress in the video.”

Cornell: iPad app lets plant specialists assess disease severity

From Cornell: iPad app lets plant specialists assess disease severity. “Estimate relies on Standard Area Diagrams (SADs), a series of photographs of diseased leaves, with each photo containing a leaf incrementally more diseased than the previous one. Each SAD shows disease severity in terms of the percent of the leaf that is diseased. Users then examine a leaf in the field, for example, and compare and match it with SADs to estimate the disease severity.” The app is free.

Refugee Restrooms Now Has An App

The Refugee Restrooms Web site now has an app. “In 2014, REFUGE Restrooms was created ‘to provide restroom access for transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming individuals,’ … The service began as a website originally, but has recently become an application that can be downloaded for free on both Android and Apple devices.”

TheNextWeb: This gorgeous app will find the right subtitles for any movie or show

TheNextWeb has a writeup on a tool that helps users automatically find and download the right captions for what they’re watching. “Built by Dutch developer Giel Cobben, Caption is a nifty app for desktop that lets you find and download the right subtitles for any movie or television show you want to see. What is particularly handy about Caption is that it will also automatically rename the subtitles so they match the title of the movie.”