Miroslaw Rogala Raising Funds to Digitize his Video Library

The artist Miroslaw Rogala is running an Indiegogo campaign to pay for the cost of digitizing his analog video collection. “I have hours of tape documenting Chicago Imagist painter Ed Paschke working in his studio as well as interviews with him and other rare footage. I have also worked with Carolee Schneemann, Merce Cunningham, Shigeko Kubota and many other artists, performers and musicians, all captured on tape in my library. I even have unpublished footage of Czeslaw Niemen, the iconic singer who is as revered in Poland as Elvis is in the United States. Over the years I have created over three hundred analog video tapes in several different formats, the most popular being 8mm, Betamax SP and ¾” SP and non-SP.” He describes his ultimate goal to create a digital database of the content and make it accessible worldwide. Unfortunately at this writing he has raised only $1200 in […]

Database of UK Public Art

Now available: an online archive of the UK’s public artwork. “The collection already features over 200,000 oil paintings, the UK’s entire collection, and plans to add watercolors, drawings progressively from this summer.” Note that this is an expansion of the “Your Paintings” site from the UK.

Tweet NASA Your Art and It’ll Go to An Asteroid

Teachers, this might be something fun to do: if you tweet NASA some artwork, NASA will send it to an asteroid. “As a follow-up to the ‘Messages to Bennu’ campaign, which will see over 442,000 names sent to the asteroid on a different chip, NASA says it’s accepting any space-inspired art, in forms including a sketch, photograph, graphic, poem, song, short video, or other creative or artistic expression (yes, that includes GIFs).”

Bust of Nefertiti Gets Sneak-Scanned; Data Released Free Online

What a fascinating story! Two artists covertly did a 3D scan of a bust of Nefertiti that’s in dispute and then released the scan data for free online. “Anyone may download and remix the information now; the artists themselves used it to create a 3D-printed, one-to-one polymer resin model they claim is the most precise replica of the bust ever made, with just micrometer variations. That bust now resides permanently in the American University of Cairo as a stand-in for the original, 3,300-year-old work that was removed from its country of origin shortly after its discovery in 1912 by German archaeologists in Amarna.”

France to Allow Lawsuit Over Facebook Suspended Account

It looks like Facebook is going to get sued for removing the account of a user who posted an image of an explicit painting. Just as a warning: this is a painting. But it is explicit. And there is a picture of it in this article. “It means a French court will now be entitled to hear the case of Frederic Durand-Baissas, a 57-year-old Parisian teacher and art lover whose Facebook account was suspended five years ago without prior notice. That was the day he posted a photo of Gustave Courbet’s 1866 ‘The Origin of the World,’ which depicts female genitalia.” Understatement of the year.

Tools for Digital Art and Music Creation

From School Library Journal: 24 Tools for Digital Art and Music Creation | Mix It Up “These new tools have adjusted the way in which we are able to play with, explore, and ‘practice’ our creative impulses, offering unique avenues for original compositions and dynamic, collaborative remixes. We hope you’ll embrace and utilize these tools with vigor in your libraries and classrooms. As you and your students explore, a handy playlist available via Spotify may help encourage some of your own creativity to begin flowing.”

Lithuania Getting Online Museum For Modern Art

Lithuania is getting a new modern art museum in 2019, but in the meantime it’s getting an online museum. “[Viktoras] Butkus has collected about 4,000 works of art, mostly over the past six years. They include paintings by surrealist Mikalojus Povilas Vilutis, by Augustinas Savickas — vaguely reminiscent of Chagall — as well as sculptures by Ruta Jusionyte…. Painter Patricija Jurksaityte said the museum would offer a complete map of Lithuanian art unlike the country’s National Gallery, which often displays just a single work from any artist.” The museum’s Web site has an English version (look for the EN link in the upper right corner) so I poked around for a while, and now I really, really want a print of Gintaras Znamierowski’s Victory Boogie Woogie.

Yale Center for British Art Releases 20K+ Images Into Public Domain

The Yale Center for British Art has released over 20,000 images into the public domain. “This new release contains a treasure trove of images of over 1,700 prints after works by J. M. W. Turner, as well as masterpieces by William Blake, Thomas Rowlandson, and others. Under Yale University’s Open Access Policy, anyone may use the Center’s digital images of public domain material without any application, authorization, or fees due to the Center or to Yale.”

Richard Diebenkorn Sketchbooks Digitized

Stanford University has created a digital archive of Richard Diebenkorn’s sketchbooks. “The Cantor Arts Center recently launched a new website that gives access to the museum’s collection of 29 sketchbooks by Richard Diebenkorn (1922–1993), a renowned artist celebrated as both a central figure in the Bay Area figurative movement and a key figure in the nationwide development of abstract expressionism and color-field painting.”

Bidoun Creates Free Online Archive

The publication Bidoun now has an online archive. “The award-winning New York–based publication on art and culture of the Middle East, Bidoun, has released a freely-accessible online archive of all their articles.” I got this in my traps, but not before getting the heads up from my Google+ pal Marsha B. Thanks Marsha!