Journal of Blacks in Higher Education: Thomas Edison State University Launches the Journal of Women and Minorities in Technology

Journal of Blacks in Higher Education: Thomas Edison State University Launches the Journal of Women and Minorities in Technology . “The new publication will be an open access journal that provides quality peer-reviewed articles written by academics and professionals in the fields of aviation, nuclear technology, cybersecurity, and information technology. The articles will provide technical and soft-skills information needed to excel in the field of technology, with an emphasis on women, African Americans, and other professionals from underrepresented groups.”

335 Video Interviews of Military Veterans Available in Digital Archive

Now available: a digital archive of oral histories from veterans. “A pilot low on fuel, desperately searching for an airfield. Squadron-mates’ empty bunks following combat missions. A family lost to war. These moments — and thousands more — are recalled by veterans in Chronicles of Courage: Stories of Wartime and Innovation, an online video archive of in-depth interviews put together by the Flying Heritage Collection.” There are 335 interviews here. The archive does not seem to focus on any one conflict but appears to be more oriented toward aviation.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Updates Its Archives for Mobile Access

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has updated its university archives. “Embry-Riddle’s University Archives has a new and improved look. In tribute to the university’s 90th anniversary this year, the Archives redesigned its database and upgraded its software to a new version that allows public access to historical records via mobile devices. Users of the archival database can search for such materials as alumni memorabilia, audio recordings, corporate records, newspaper clippings, photographs, video media, and many artifacts, including awards and aviation paraphernalia.”

Aviation Week & Space Technology Launches 100-Year Archive

Aviation Week & Space Technology has launched its 100-year archive (PRESS RELEASE). “Penton’s Aviation Week & Space Technology launched its 100-year digital archive today in collaboration with Boeing, the sponsor of the archive. Both companies trace their roots to 1916. The archive includes 4,500 issues and nearly 500,000 pages of articles, photos and advertising.” It looks like the archives are free but you have to register to access them.

How Airlines Use Snapchat

This is interesting: How Airlines Use Snapchat. “Aer Lingus is using Snapchat, a mobile app-based social media platform, to give its followers real-time, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the airline’s activities. Paul Buckley, head of Social Media at Aer Lingus, says the ‘snaps,’ which are ephemeral because they have expiry dates, allow the airline to build a story as a live event unfolds.” Snapchat — and not Periscope. Interesting.

How Airshow Performers Use Periscope

Interesting: How airshow performers use Periscope. “Demonstration teams including the World Famous GEICO Skytyper, Team Oracle and the Patriots Jet Team now allow their fans to tune in live over the Internet as their the teams historic aircraft depart the airfield and begin their performances. The staple of may air shows Jet Car Pilot Bill Braack has also made it into the Periscope aviation community.”