Covid: Barcelona hosts large gig after testing crowd (BBC)

BBC: Covid: Barcelona hosts large gig after testing crowd. “Around 5,000 people spent Saturday night at a gig in Barcelona after receiving negative results in same-day Covid testing. Spanish authorities let the concert, featuring band Love of Lesbian, go ahead as part of a pilot.Fans took a test earlier in the day and did not have to keep physically apart but they still wore masks.”

Crisis Management through Twitter: The Case of the Barcelona Attacks (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya: Crisis Management through Twitter: The Case of the Barcelona Attacks. “This article explores how the Government of Catalonia managed the emergency scenario during terrorists attacks of August 2017 (from 17th to 22nd ) in Barcelona. Twitter was used for public services, Mossos d’Esquadra (the police force of Catalonia) and the Government of Catalonia Civil Defence, as an essential tool to broadcast information, secure people’s security and drive the investigation. We gathered the network of Twitter posts and interactions, with tens of thousands of users, who helped spreading the information, and applied a social network analysis (SNA) methodology to conclude how those users contribute on the crisis management. In this investigation, we have focused on two questions: How does information diffusion spread during this crisis? And who are the actors that contribute to the expansion? This article aims to inform and explore how public services can use […]

Boing Boing: Barcelona government officially endorses Tor-based whistleblower platform

Wow! A municipal government in Spain has endorsed Tor. “These best-of-breed tools for anonymity and accountability have often been the subject of government complaints and threatened crackdowns, but in Barcelon, the city government has endorsed the Complaint Box, advising Barcelonans who know about corruption to safely report it by using the platform. It’s the first time a municipal government has endorsed Tor.”